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Who should win the upcoming Federal Election on May 2nd?
Please feel free to leave your reasons, comments and suggestions :)
Tony Clement, Conservative 13 50% 50%, 13 of 26
Cindy Waters, Liberal 1 3.8% 3.8%, 1 of 26
Wendy Wilson, NDP 6 23.1% 23.1%, 6 of 26
Glen Hodgson, Green 6 23.1% 23.1%, 6 of 26
David Carmichael, Independent 0 0% 0%, 0 of 26
Total Votes26
Posted By Start
Concerned Citizen 19/04/11 30/06/11

Date/Time Vote By Comment
03/05/11 Tony Clement, Conservative tony
02/05/11 Tony Clement, Conservative Maureen Porter The option of internet voting made it possible for me to participate - thank you.
02/05/11 Wendy Wilson, NDP Graham We need a change, someone who will really look after their constituents
02/05/11 Tony Clement, Conservative Tom Kelly
01/05/11 Tony Clement, Conservative Bob
29/04/11 Tony Clement, Conservative Ulf H. Hansen the best representetiv for this area
29/04/11 Tony Clement, Conservative Rob jackson
29/04/11 Wendy Wilson, NDP cherylpoitras i really hope ndp wins
28/04/11 Wendy Wilson, NDP corey
28/04/11 Tony Clement, Conservative Audrey Watkinson
24/04/11 Wendy Wilson, NDP terrylynn why would we want liberal or conservatives in harper screwed us liberal have screwed us already so why not see how ndp will screw us cant be any worse.. They are the only ones who mention the everyday people who live paycheque to paycheque
24/04/11 Tony Clement, Conservative Margo Leduc He is the best.... What else can I say...
23/04/11 Glen Hodgson, Green Cindy
23/04/11 Glen Hodgson, Green Jason Ryan
23/04/11 Tony Clement, Conservative Murray
23/04/11 Glen Hodgson, Green Nick Slater An excellent opportunity for both Parry Sound District and the Green Party to move Canada forward economically and environmentally. Electing the first Green Party seat would bring positive attention to Parry Sound issues. Small towns are the future!
23/04/11 Tony Clement, Conservative paul
22/04/11 Glen Hodgson, Green Kelly
22/04/11 Wendy Wilson, NDP Arthur Andrews
22/04/11 Cindy Waters, Liberal Patrick dixon It's time to erase scandal from our federal level of parliament! I vote Cindy Waters because I vote for Mr. Ignatieff. Get out and vote! Educate yourselves! This is your Canada, not the Harpercrits!
22/04/11 Glen Hodgson, Green micheal
21/04/11 Tony Clement, Conservative Theresa Aitken
21/04/11 Wendy Wilson, NDP freida
21/04/11 Tony Clement, Conservative howie fisher conservative all the way we cant let ignatiff run our counrty .all he wants to do is raise our taxes
21/04/11 Tony Clement, Conservative P Kazubek
21/04/11 Glen Hodgson, Green Concerned Citizen Who should apologize to Parry Sound Voters? Clements for being a liar or Wilson for making a faux pa? Tony for getting $$ for Border Protection or Wilson for making an error with her words regarding his van being a target.

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